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Anonymous asked
How do you recommend breaking art block??



Breaking artblock can be tough, and there’s no right way to do it, but I feel like continuing to draw even when nothing comes out right is a pretty good way to do it. 

Also art block comes in different variations - not being able to think of something to draw, and having everything you want to draw come out looking wrong. I’ve experienced both and honestly as I said the best thing you can do for yourself is to continue to draw!

Even if it’s one little doodle a day, even if what you draw ends up looking weird or not like you expected, do it anyway. Force yourself to try to draw at least one thing a day. It’s important to not let yourself stagnate!

If you’re feeling PARTICULARLY disheartened about your art and forcing yourself to draw isn’t working though, give yourself a little break. Look at art that inspires you, maybe make a collection of things you like to look at, do something nice for yourself? Go take a walk outside!

I know it’s tough to deal with art block especially when drawing is all you ever want to do, but just be patient with yourself and try not to get too frustrated.

Good luck!

Other art block breaking tips:

- Draw from reference for a while. Allow yourself to just draw what you see.

- Look up memes or art exercises. If inspiration is short. Try drawing a character in the style of a TV series or comic you like. Do one of those palette memes.

- Try the Yes hour. Download a counter (I.E Scirocco take a break) or use your phone to set an hour countdown. For that hour, draw without ever saying no to yourself. Every idea is good, everything is valid. You can redo an idea but you shouldn’t quit on it because it looks bad at first. Ban the word ‘no’, ban self-judgment.

- Remember, you may have a Watcher at the Gates. Worrying about failing on an endeavor can be counter-productive. Examine yourself and consider if this is the case, and if so, relax these worries.

- Be more forgiving on your art. Art blocks can come from a lot of reasons (stress, a couple of days without working on art, simply not being quite in the right state for it.) Stop trying to go for complex poses or outstanding pieces - it’s okay to draw simple things for a while. Baby steps.

- Be self-indulgent. Draw what you want, not what you think you should be drawing. Your OCs, your OTPs. Try to draw the picture you feel doesn’t make ‘good art’ but that would make you feel happy.

- Meditate. Or do exercises to clear your mind. If meditation isn’t your thing, go for a walk and try sorting out the clutter— take your priorities and organize them, consider your worries and try putting them in the right dimension, or quite simply, give yourself a pat in the back.

- Give yourself a confidence boost. Self-criticism is important, but sometimes we forget it shouldn’t be all we do, and in excess, it can create a mental block for art. Instead, consider observing the good things about yourself. Highlight your achievements, your skills and talents, and go into art thinking “I’m a mean-ass motherhugger who doesn’t play by the rules, and I rock!” Curiously enough, putting yourself in this mindset can actually make you more efficient than being on the lookout for mistakes.

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.

The Truman Show (1998), Peter Weir.

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The sex drive of men is something we are all comfortable with in this country. It’s funny and hormonal and slapstick (American Pie), it’s potentially uncontrollable, maniacal/homicidal (American Psycho), it is adulterous and is insatiable (American Beauty), it is fun and social (American Graffiti) and it is entrepreneurial (American Gigolo). But women? No. NC-17. XXXX. Stop it with the moaning.